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What do we design?

IN Style Websolutions jobs WordPress designs and develops websites and webshops.

We specialize in:

Website Design

Do you want to have a professional website made? At IN Style Websolutions you have come to the right place. We work quick, professional and at a fair rate.

IN Style Websolutions makes customized websites. Website design principle of IN Style Websolutions is to design custom websites and tailor them to the individual wishes of the customers. Together with you we look for the right solutions for your website and we translate your ideas into a beautiful, user-friendly, functional and contemporary design.

HERE you will find an overview of the rates of the products and services of IN Style Websolutions.

If you are interested in one or more of these services, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Our way of working

Together with you we make a plan for your site. We will show you several examples of websites from which you can choose what appeals to you most. You can also come up with your own examples of websites, your own images, texts.

Step-by-step plan

At first we decide together what kind of look your website should have. Simple and business-like or maybe striking and colorful, static or with content that responds to what visitors do on the page: everything is possible. After that we discuss what features the site has to have and what parts it should contain, such as pages, menus, blog, shop, gallery, audio and video players, animations, guestbook etc. As a result a method and plan to get started with your website will be established.

Your website will be build on the open source WordPress management system which is easy to handle. The WordPress allows you to use  and manage your website as easy as possible. That the technique behind your website, is excellent you may take for granted. Our goal is to develop user-friendly websites that are aesthetically nice and technically developed according to the latest trends.


Do you want to have a professional webshop made? IN Style Websolutions builds beautiful, uncluttered contemporary webshops.

Online shopping is becoming easier. You can easily sell your products online through the webshop.  All products in the shop get one or more images, description of features, materials, color, size, using tips, price, shipping class etc. The products can be subdivided into categories and subcategories. You can easily manage offers and calculate  taxes (VAT) in the webshop.

Woocommerce and Shopify

IN Style Websolutions creates professional webshops with WordPress and Woocommerce. WooCommerce supports a considerable number of online payment methods, including: iDEAL, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard en Mollie Payments.Your customers can create an account via your online store and track their purchases. Customers can also easily write product reviews.

We also build online stores using Shopify, another popular E-commerce platform. Shopify is suitable for both starting and advanced webshop owners.

The web shops in multiple languages for sales abroad can also be realized with the appropriate payment solutions per country.

If you prefer to manage your shop yourself, like adding products with images and descriptions, adjust prices, etc., you will receive detailed instructions from us.

If you want to have your webshop made by us, please contact us soon!

Multilingual Websites

If you have international ambitions, it is essential to offer your website in multiple languages. Visitors stay on a page twice as long as averagely if the page is available in their own language. Nine out of ten visitors only buy items in a webshop that is available in their own language.

A multilingual website is a website that is available in multiple languages. IN Style Websolutions designs websites in different languages. The entire website is carefully translated into all desired languages. We place buttons on the website that allow you to easily switch the language on any page.

Website Translations

Do you wish to ‘make’ your website international?
We offer 6 languages (Dutch, English, German, Russian, Armenian, Ukrainian) and if necessary we are happy to translate your texts for you.

Rates for translating the texts are € 0.18 per word (per language) in all mentioned languages .

Logo Design

IN Style Websolutions is also involved in the design of logos and corporate identity. A logo is an important identification mark of your company, business idea, activity or enterprise. If you already have an idea for a logo, we are happy to develop it further.

A logo usually consists of a small image or emblem (logo) and text (word) with your company’s name and a slogan that characterizes your company. The logo provides the first impression of your site, mood, style and atmosphere. Your company name and logo must always be clear and recognizable. To guarantee a consistency, we ensure that the design always seamlessly matches the house style of your company.

Business cards

A business card is a useful promotional tool to share your contact details. With a beautiful business card design you make a professional impression on your conversation partners. IN Style Websolutions is happy to design a business card that suits you and gives customers a good impression of your activities. We always ensure that the design fits your company, related business or hobby.

Responsive Website Design

IN Style Websolutions designs responsive websites that are scaled to the size of your screen without compromising readability of text or usability of the user interface. The websites must be legible on all devices. Responsive websites get a higher position by Google.

Responsive web design is a design approach where a web developer looks for an optimal web experience for a wide range of devices (such as smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops). Responsive web design makes it easy for visitors to navigate the website on mobile devices and make optimal use of different screen sizes.


We don’t know any. We are looking for the solutions untill the problem will be solved.

We also offer service and maintenance for your websites and web shops.