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IN Style Websolutions


IN Style Websolutions web design agency was founded in 2012 and is located in Eindhoven. Our collaboration arose from a passion for design, web design, style, creativity, art and technical vision.

Originally our firm was founded as a web design studio Inura Websolutions. The name Inura is formed from the letters of our names – Ira & Nune.

In 2020 we switched to a new form, namely web design agency IN Style Websolutions VOF.

IN Style Websolutions


Our duo is well matched and full of great ideas. We are two close friends who share many years of studying and working together. We are both University educated in Computer Science. 

After years of joint studies, courses and experiments, the idea arose to open our own web design firm.

IN Style Websolutions is practical and purposeful, creative and spontaneous, responsible and enthusiastic. We fill each other in the design as well as in the development.

In Style Websolutions
In Style Websolutions



IN Style Websolutions webdesign agency has its own concept – we deliver a custom work. You submit all your ideas and wishes to us and we translate them into a suitable design. As a customer you will be involved in the development process. We regularly consult with you, from the appearance to the functionalities of your personal page. In addition, there is always room to adjust your wishes.

We put a lot of energy and love into our end products: your website or webshop. We want to ensure that websites and web shops developed by us help our customers to achieve their personal goals. In this way we ensure that each of our designs matches you as a customer and what you want to achieve with your personal site.

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